Fresh Coffee is Just a Phone Call Away

With coffee bean delivery services, you won't ever run out of joe in Lexington or Columbia, SC

You don't have to pay through the roof to get delicious gourmet coffee delivered to your door. You just need on-demand coffee bean delivery services from Serv-A-Cup Coffee & Water Service. We can ship coffee beans, ground coffee and single-cup pods that fit in any machine.

Place an order for coffee bean delivery services in Lexington, Columbia, SC or a surrounding area today.

Signing up for a ground coffee delivery subscription is a smart idea because of the:

  • Convenience - With fresh coffee showing up at your door every month, you won't have to wait in line at the grocery store or coffee shop.
  • Cost - By buying coffee in bulk, you can save a boatload on spontaneous trips to coffee chain stores.
  • Variety - We'll help you explore new flavors and roasts you may not have considered before

. Set up a weekly, monthly or customized ground coffee delivery schedule that works for you. Call 803-756-5282 now.