Is Your Water Safe to Drink?

Make sure by scheduling residential water cooler delivert in Lexington or Columbia, SC

Are you sure the water flowing into your home in the Lexington or Columbia, SC area is okay to drink? Play it safe with a residential water cooler rentals and delivery from Serv-A-Cup Coffee & Water Service. Our water is filtered using a reverse osmosis process to rid the water of dangerous chemicals. We'll install your water cooler and send you more filtered water every three weeks, all for a small monthly fee.

Ready to improve the quality of your water without relying on expensive bottles? Find out how you and your family could benefit from our residential water services by contacting us today.

Using state-of-the-art reverse osmosis technology, our filtration process is designed to:

  • Remove harmful contaminants.
  • Make your water taste better.
  • Give you peace of mind.
Plus, with residential water delivery services, you can have a reliable supply of clean water even if there's a power outage or local plumbing problem.

Enjoy pure water in the Lexington, Columbia, SC and surrounding areas . Call 803-756-5282 today to arrange for residential water services.